Monday, September 4, 2017

2017 Taiwan Trip - Planning & Resolution

I'm looking at my 2015 Korea trip post sitting in my draft and feeling like a loser lol. I promised myself to pen down my journey but I guessed it stopped at Day 1 hahaha. It was a shame because I have never looked forward to a trip so earnestly but I traveled with a friend whom I have never hangout physically in real life. I'm sure this raises a lot of questions like..

Hahahaha. To be fair I was in a tight knit relationship with said friend for like a year plus. We messaged each other every day and were really close. And we love Korea (because we were EXO's fans #facepalm) so much that we have decided to go on a trip together since we shared the same passion. But we've only met once during a concert and have never spend time together f2f. We didn't know each other's habit/preference outside of our chat window. So things kinda went downhill from day 1 of our trip. Oh well. It was still a beautiful and fun journey but I don't think we are doing it together ever again. So...that's that.

This time, I'll be travelling to one of the countries on my must-go list with friends whom I've known since I was 12 & have gone on trips together before. I'm really excited about this although I'm leaving my dearest husband behind for 9 days hahaha. To think that I have not even gone on a honeymoon trip yet!

Coming back to this trip, we are going on mid Oct (because flight ticket cheap lol) and hoping that the rainy season there will be over. We are done with our planning and coordination with our driver, booked all our accommodations and now we're just counting down!

I'm dreading the packing T_T and I have to get a pair of Skechers as my walking shoe but they are really so ugly that I can't justify the price :(  Hopefully I'll be able to get something nice when I shop next.

Alrighty! See you in Taiwan! *throw confetti*

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Can't Believe It's Been 3 Years!

Hello blog! I can't believe my last post was from 3 years ago! And looking back at my posts, I'm already a different person at a different stage of life compared to who I was before. Pretty impressed with my persistence to write almost everyday back then :)

Well first of all, what's new is that..


Everybody around me went "what?? you?? but wait...really??" when I broke the news hahaha stupid friends laa *plans murder*. To be fair, about 4-5 months ago before the proposal took place, I was still the girl who went "nuh uh I am not gonna get married so get out of my face and stop pestering me" whenever people (mainly relatives during CNY) ask me when will I tie the knot.
I guess the biggest turning point is when I went away for the longest time with my gf to Seoul (fine it was just 10 days but it felt like forever T_T). I suddenly realized how much I was pampered by him that I have almost never felt insufficient for a long long time. One of his favourite lines would be "aiyo see la I pamper you too much d until you are so spoiled now", to which I would always eagerly disagree and defense myself.

That trip became such a revelation to me and made me look at my relationship seriously. My relationship principle has always been that "you complete me" is an utter bullshit. In my mind, I wanted to be a whole person, a capable adult, before I can leave my parents as core family unit and build my own. I believed in "two complete human being coming together as one". And hence I was always reluctant to even allow my train of thoughts to travel to a place called marriage, a place which is totally unimaginable to me at the point of time. I was just..not there yet. I have expectation for myself that I have not achieved, to be that wholesome adult that I was hoping to be. And I have to be that person before I step into marriage.

But then I realized, we are not perfect and we will never be. I thought I was getting there soon because I felt like an independent and sufficient person back then, and it wouldn't be too long before I am ready. And that trip..was a big hit to me. I realized I felt sufficient because of the way he loves me, takes care of me and (behold......) completes me. *chills*

I don't know how much truth is in "you complete me" relationship quote. But to not disagreeing it anymore, is indeed eye-opening to me and allow me to accept it's time to take things to the next step, not letting unrealistic expectation to get in the way of being together with the only person I'd rather be with for the rest of my life.

So yeap. Here we are, stuffing ourselves with food unlike other bride/groom-to-be. #thuglife #foodislovefoodislife <3

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Graduations

This is gonna be another short post, even after so many months since my last post.

I think I didn't really 'felt' like I've graduated, until my bestie Bobo (who is the last one to graduate among us, thanks to their weird uni schedule) is going through her convocation over this weekend.

For so many years since secondary school, we've been going through exams and school dramas together until we need to go on separate ways for uni.

I still remember when I first accepted the offer from my uni and found out that we were gonna start a whole new journey without each other (and to worsen it, across the sea), I was so reluctant to do all my preparations for uni alone. 

I went through first time boarding on a plane, going through uni orientation, talking to people (yea it's a very big deal to me okay #sociallyawkwardpenguin.jpg), and just living my schooling life without them. I remember it felt like my big sisters who were always there to take care of me can no longer be there, and I'll have to do this on my own. 

It was really tough. And I'm sure they felt the same.

I remember my first few days in Labuan, I'd cry whenever I missed them. And that I couldn't be there for them too. 

They'd call me sometimes (ok honestly most of the time..ok honestly honest, ALL the time #ashamed) to talk about life and get me to talk about mine too (because somehow I am always able to live a boring unhappening life so I don't really know what to talk about sobzz). When I was at my most helpless phase doing the dreadful FYP, they gave me strength to go on. They never make me feel left out even though I was ten thousand miles away from them. And by talking to them I felt like being home. With family :)

Well I guess through different ups and downs, knowing new people and learning new things, we got through our last phase of schooling life.

So, Happy Convocation to all of us! Ok especially to Bobo! :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

God's Blessing

I feel like I should blog this down so I'll always remember God's grace and blessing. It's more for my own sake but I hope it reminds you of how much God loves us.

Last Sunday night I wasn't sleeping so well. Also, that was the only time I didn't mute my phone after so long since uni time (really hate anything that disturbs my sleep at night =| ). I tossed and turned, fell asleep and woke up a few times in the middle.

Finally around 6am or so, I felt like I really couldn't continue sleeping anymore. I was so tired though coz I didn't get enough sleep.

Suddenly my phone rang. My first thought was that "why is my alarm ringing so early? It was still dark outside!". I quickly picked it up before it wakes my roommates up.

As I was attempting to snooze my alarm, I realised it was actually my mum calling me. Before I could answer, it was cut off. My heart started feeling extremely uneasy because I've heard alot of people saying midnight calls are usually bad news.

Before I call my mum back, I prayed for God's strength so that I was able to handle whatever that was coming for me. I've also said a little prayer of protection for my family.

I anxiously called my mum to find out what was going on, only to know that my dad got into an accident on his way back from Ipoh to PJ. Thank God he wasn't hurt at all, just that the car was spoilt. He needed my help to reload for him so that he could call for help from his colleague as it was company's car.

So at the end of the day he was fine and car was fixed, but my grandma was admitted to the hospital at the same day itself. And that my dad told me my mum was not feeling well over the last weekend, broke into cold sweat and stuff. I also found that twin no.1 who is now working in Sg fell sick. Adding to that, I had an extremely horrible week at work that I found it really hard to get by.

My life is not exactly in a good shape right now (so as my body lol #duno-wats-the-relevance-but-die-die-also-must-mention). But everytime I remember how God answered my prayer in His own way, I'm reminded that He is in control and we will never be tested beyond our capability.That alone gives me the strength to wake up every morning and tell myself "I can do this because God said so".

Thank God I have my cousins looking after my grandma in the hospital and share my mum's burden. They are younger than me and I felt sorry having to put them through the trouble of taking such a good care of my grandma while I'm just sitting here blogging about it. Also I have bunch of crazy colleagues sharing all the crazy stuff going in the office (although reluctantly lol) so it is easier to bear.

We'll always be discouraged and disappointed by something or someone at some point of our life. That's just a part of life that we must endure, so that we can be a better and stronger person, not just for ourselves but also for people around us.

So don't give up hoping for the best. If today sucks, tomorrow is a new day to start anew. If tomorrow sucks too, the day after tomorrow is another brand new day. Never stop fighting everyday to make things better.

Have a good day ahead yo!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hi dear readers (or nobody wtf)! I'm back!

Looking back at my old posts, I realised time really flies in a blink of an eye. My last post was about GE13 *roll eyes* gosh so outdated.

But I've truly been missing writing stuff and blogging like I used to. I could just talk about everything that's been going on with my life and interact with my probably-non-existed readers by sharing my thoughts. It was really great.

I think the difference now is that, there is nothing going on with my life *cry* and that I honestly don't wana talk about work after working hour. So there, I have zero things to blog about. (inner voice: why don't you just go ahead and tell the truth that you are too lazy for this shit?) Shhhushh inner voice shhhushhh!!!

Anyways, life's been pretty much a roller coaster ride for me these few months. My deadly weakness aka social awkwardness was put to test at the maximum extent.

One major stereotypes I have on working in IT field is that we will face the computer screen 24/7. But fml that it is not applicable at my current job. Everytime I was asked to deal with clients, my inner voice will go "说好的face computer screen 24/7呢??" (translation: where is the face-computer-screen-24/7 moment that was promised?). Not only that I must not show any sign of social awkwardness, I must also blend in some professionalism. How la?!

Second is that I was dragged to a Christian young adult camp by the bf n sister. Omfg human, human everywhere. I was really tensed all the time and my leg involuntarily shake (fyi it was in typical uncle's style) whenever people talk to me. I was like "please don't talk to me and try to make me feel belonged tqvm plz plz plz" but of course everybody was really nice to me and hence awkwardness level went up to 999 T.T. Thank God for bf's sister for staying right beside the whole time and steal conversation from me (I wun feel offended at all plz keep doing that tqvm lololol) and thanks to bf for his promise that his sister will stay with me all the time #useless-bf-just-wana-hv-fun-on-his-own

I guess I'm lucky to have my girl friends to hangout with (no idea why I was always socially aweaome in front of them that they don't believe I have social awkwardness issue) and #soulmate who is equally awkward and hence understand me hehe.

So yea I'm struggling but doing my best not to let it affect how I live my life. #rocker-hand-sign

Oh yea, did I mention I'm a major Kpop fan now? Hehehe oh yes I've changed.

See you soon!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Civil Duty

No word can describe how I feel right now at this moment.

Few months ago when I officially joined my current company, my dedicated supervisor brought me to the post office near my office to register as a voter. Today I am filled with gratitude for his action and because of him, I was able to cast my vote and contribute to the political revolution which is happening right now.

And thanks to my colleague aka coursemate, JW who educated me all about the current issues and political news, about parlimen structure whatsoever (which we've learnt in Form 6 but I remember none of it #shame).

They both taught me why is it important to know, and to vote. It is not about whether it concerns you, it is about justice (like how you admire the Avengers, Iron Man all that heroes). I'm extremely disgusted by the very fact that some Malaysians can be bought off by monetary promises. But at the same time, think about all the other Malaysians who stood up for justice and plead for clean election, doing their duty to make sure justice is served.

I'm so awed.

No matter what happened tonight, I know that justice is right there. And we don't need superhero for that.

May the end of the day brings a better tomorrow.

Thursday, May 2, 2013







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