Thursday, December 5, 2013


Shit I tried to write this post in Chinese but I just can't. #chineselevel:child


So today is someone's birthday. I have not been writing a lot lately unless for any special occasion or for special someone. And this post is dedicated to that special birthday girl.

First of all, she is a weirdo!

When I first knew her, she appeared to be real sweetheart, being all sunny and bubbly with her beautiful smile. I too thought that she was a strong person that people can count on and rely on. I always felt like a child being with her because she was always giving me wise advice about stuff. Well..

HOW WRONG I CAN BE! Hahahahahahaha!

After really getting to know her, it seems that she is just a kid being forced upon by the environment around her to put on an adult suit to survive in this world. She needs to be taken care of just as much.

At times she can be very very very difficult to be with. I can't count the times she pisses me off and left me crying. #soulmate also had to constantly listen to me angry trashtalking about her. But whenever she talks to me again like all the arguments never happen, I will forget everything and come crawling back for her #自虐level999.

She is that magical.

Another awesome awesome thing about her is that she can really cook omg *swallow saliva*. The last year of my uni life, she cooked almost everyday for us and the meal NEVER REPEAT unless we specifically ask for something. I don't know how she does it omg. As the saying goes, if you wana win over someone's heart, conquer their stomach first. Maybe this is why I keep crawling back for her lol.

Giving her present is one of the hardest thing to do on earth. She is the kind of person who doesn't allow people to see right through her. So if you thought you know her well enough that she wants this, she will tell you otherwise and say " don't know me that well". WHY YOU LIKE THIS haih. My first present giving experience was super adventurous. She fell in love with a bag she saw online, so our mission was to ask the online shop owner to lie to her that there was no more stock left LOL. Somemore during the present giving day she was angry with us because of a stupid prank. We had to find a way to keep her out of her room despite the fact that she was completely ignoring us, and put the present on her bed. *phew*

So here it is, your birthday present, which is my blog post #shame

My wishes for you is that you'll be able to stay positive and be happy all the time. Nothing is more important than that. Ok maybe add one more lah: finally found someone who is willing to climb over the high wall you build to protect yourself.

Happy Birthday baby!

Lastly, I would like to put up a match-making advertisement for you.

Lelong lelong!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA please don't kill me

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